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Bent-Prowers Cattle & Horse Growers Assoc 

Ro II ruse mi mi Boca. Bom Kiowa, Uinro & I’rowors roimllos ♦ Hruiml/oil In llt/0 

in t Icllcy 

l lie IIP annual Hen! Prowets Cattle I lorsc Cliowcis Association niccl i up Will culled to on I i |>y 

Hres Hon O Neal ,u ID*> pm, Saturday Mutch h), "MHO mi the Bowman Building lectin e hitll on Pumni 
omnnmity College campus, I umur, Colo. I he ic vvcie aboil! *10 adults in attendance 

I he welcome and invocation were given by Pies. O’Neal, u welcome by I lohn Man in, PiCHidenl of 

ft & _■ ■, Wi ■ i pp 

ICC. and the pledge ol allegiance wits led by Southeastern Coloiado Junioi ( 'alllciueii members I lie youth 
then split into their association meeting, plus helped with C'oopemtive I sten iiuu Set vice staff miii Meal (Quality 
Assurance stations. 

Industry reports weic giv en In Dr. John Slulp, (oloiado agi iciiltuie commissioner; Kick Walilcil, 

ard commissioner: Rick Ciurdner, C oloiado Deni, of Wildlife; Kave Kas/a, < 'oloiado 
C. utile Women; and 1 eri y Tankhuusor, Colorado Cattlemen's (( (A) exec vice president A ( Oloiado Heel 
C ouneil movie promotional clip was shown. D.S. Rep. Betsey Markcy’s loetd aide, ('beryl Webb, and State 
Senate political candidate John Webb introduced themselves. 

Steve Mehndree moved and Hill Gray seconded to dispense with (he leading ol (hr ,M)00 annual inreliiij 
minutes and approve them as printed. Motion passed on a voice vote. 

Joe Ivas/a presented the audit committee s report. Kaszu moved und Steve Mcfuidrec seconded to 
tippuw e the audit and the proposed budget. Motion passed on a voice vote. Pal Ramey ptcscnlcd the 
l’lidowment l rust s statement of condition und Imaneial statement. John Smurlt moved and Kevi 
.seconded to approve the Hndowmenl Trust report. Motion passed on a voice vote. 

In new business. Second Vice President I ,ori Chase presented the resolutions committee's rest Millions; 
Directive 1; Animal disease traceability. 

I here (ore be it directed that the CCA hoard of directors become proactive on addtcssmg DSD As cut rent 
animal disease traceability system by the following measures: 

• USDA implement a standardized approach across state lines; 

• Direct NCBA to proactively be involved in the process along with their slate affiliates; 

• Whenever and whomever holds the data, that it must be held in the strictest of confident in lily; and 

• Federal government must fund the system at the state and national levels. 

Steve Mcl’ndree moved to accept the directive as read, Mike Dutton seconded, and motion passed on a 
voice vote, with 1 im Hrickson voting against the directive. 

Resolution 1; I lonor deceased members. 

Whereas, since the last annual meeting many of our beloved and valued members passed to their reward. 
We, who remain, have enjoyed and benefitted from their association and we are saddened by their absence. We 
share the sorrow of their families and loved ones and to their memory, we pledge to support the principles 
which these great men and women, who have gone before us, have firmly instilled in our associat ion. 

Therefore be it resolved, the members of Bent-Prowers Cattle & 1 lorse Growers Association, now stand 
to take a moment to memorialize our deceased members. 

Lori Chase moved and Susan Russell seconded. Motion passed by the members standing in a minute of 

The nominating committee report was given by Immediate Past Pres. Mike Dutton, with the slate of 
officers: Tiniy 'Prosper, president; Lori Chase, 1 st vice president; Kevin Ilelley, 2 m1 vice president; and Susan 
Russell, sccrclary/lreasurer. Hans Ilusser moved and Bill Gray seconded to cease nominations and elect Tmw 
Prosper as president by acclamation. Motion passed. Curtis Russell moved and Pirn Hrickson seconded to cease 
nominations and elect Lori Chase as 1 M vice president by ucelamation. Steve McHndree moved and Pat Kurnev 
seconded to cease nominations and elect Kevin I Icllcy as 2 lul vice president by acclamation. Motion passed, 
l im Hrickson moved and Kevin I Icllcy seconded to cease nominations and elect Susun Russell us 
sccrclary/lreasurer by acclamation. Motion passed. 

- director slates, after explaining there were collegiate members interested 
to serve. Dutton also said the committee broke nominees by counties for the slate, knowing that some directors 

reside in one county but have business dealings or property in another. For Baca County directors, Reggy Lusk 
Clint Plagge and Steve McEndree were nominated. Bill Gray moved and Timy Trosper seconded to elect the 

slate as Baca County representatives by acclamation. Motion passed. 

For Bent County directors, Joe Kasza, Pat Karney, Tim Erickson and Bill Hancock were nominated. 
Steve McEndree moved and Bill Gray seconded to elect the four men as Bent County representatives by 

acclamation. Motion passed. 

For Kiowa County directors, Bruce Fickenscher, Tyler Karney, Les Watts and Louis James were 
nominated. John Smartt moved and Timy Trosper seconded to elect the four men as Kiowa County 
representatives by acclamation. Motion passed. 

For Prowers County directors, Milton Rink, Leonard Pruett. Hans Hasser and Amber Rink-Freouf were 
nominated. Following discussion, Pat Karney moved and Hans Hasser seconded to close nominations and 
accept Rink, Pruett, Hasser and Rink-Freouf as Prowers County's directors and elect Cade Hasser as a final 
Baca County director. Motion passed. 

For Otero County directors. Bill Gray, Leon Leonard, Dave Mendenhall and Pat Ptolemy were 
nominated. Pat Karney moved and Jo Ann McEndree seconded to close nominations and accept the Otero 
County directors by acclamation. Motion passed. 

There was no further business. Leonard Pruett moved and Bill Gray seconded to adjourn the meeting. 
Motion passed by voice vote. Pres. Ron O'Neal adjourned the meeting at 5:20 p.m. The events continued at 
5:30 p.m. the Cow Palace Inn. 

Respectfully submitted, 


, sYj&sZje e 

Susan Russell, secretary